Abaixo Resposta  e manifestação de solidariedade que recebemos do movimento sindical Portuario internacional:

Dear Mário, Wilton, and Eduardo:

Thank you for informing the IDC of the third meeting of Brazilian dockworkers, which took place on 10/14.

We are pleased to hear this body was able to organize- to bring many dockworkers together- in order to arrive at the unanimous decision to hold a national 24-hour strike, iterating the struggle of Brazilian dockworkers to maintain their rights as workers and to alter current labor laws.

The IDC supports you in your struggle, because it is also our struggle.

We share your opinion on port privatization, subcontracting; retirement, fairs laws etc. and it is for this reason we would like to stand behind you during this act of solidarity.

We await the collective decision by FENCCOVIB, FNE, and FNP as to the day this strike will be held.

In the meantime, please inform me as to how the IDC can best support your movement in its current stage: Can we send letters of support, share your campaign with all of our affiliates, or participate in the strategic planning of the event from our office here in Barcelona?

We are stronger together.

In solidarity,

Kristen Kuhn
Head of Secretariat
International Dockworkers Council